The Bible Version Being Used for the Blogs of Keyman 4U Ministries

For those of you who may be wondering…

I am using the New Scofield Reference Bible, Authorized King James Version.
Printed by New York, Oxford University Press
printing date of 1967

The King James Version is a recognized and well accepted version in the world and has set the standard for interpretation of God’s Word.  Is it in today’s English language? No. Therefore, we must think of how words were used in the times the original languages the Bibles were written and interpret it into today’s language.  From this exercise we get a better understanding of the Bible and its meanings.  There are Newer Versions of the Bible out there that do this for you, like the New King James, the English Standard Bible, or the American Standard Bible.  However, in my opinion, they do not require you to get in and chew the meat of the word.   Studying and learning the meaning of the text given and then being able to explain it gives a deeper understanding of the Bible (God’s Word).

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