Service for Ministries or Non-Profit Organizations

I manage a Charitable Christian Service Organization, to glorify God by performing service (s) that are not available in their own organization or for the needy individuals that otherwise could not obtain the services and must be referred by a charitable organization.  Keyman 4U Ministries (KM4UM) is designed to step in and fill the gap for the craftsmen or tradesmen not available within the charitable organization.  Service must be acceptable by both parties.
Through volunteer labor and donations of money or materials, services will be performed.  KM4UM may perform the service, use knowledgeable volunteers or pay to have a licensed contractor perform the work.  The material (s) used can be supplied by KM4UM, donations, or from the contractor / vendor.
This ministry will enable a donor to give money for a service anonymously.  KM4UM still manage the services performed.   The primary intent of this corporation is not to service the public.
Gifts received by KM4UM that are dedicated to a specific project are used for that project until it is complete.  Undesignated gifts are used where most needed.
Keyman 4U Ministries is located in Sacramento County, California, but it is not restricted to this county or state.
Volunteers are needed and gifts are accepted
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About Keyman 4U Ministries

A non-profit handy man / locksmith ministry for non-porfit organizations, primarly.
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